Pro vs. Normal mode - audio path

One of the menu options in Solocontutti is "Pro Mode".  Since Solocontutti is designed to be very easy to use the basic interface keeps things down to a minimum and fairly intuitive. Also there are quite a few users who are using accessibility features, so you don't want to clutter up the space with loads of buttons and switches, as you will see on much audio software.  For the user who wants more control over how the sound is managed, there is pro mode. This is the first of a series of posts discussing pro mode and how you can use the features. This article is about the audio path. So what exactly do I mean by audio path? Basically Solocontutti takes a number of inputs from various sources and sends processed sounds to three destinations: your headphones, other players on the internet and recordings. We'll ignore recordings for the moment, as this is the subject of another article. The audio path is shown in the  diagram below: Inputs Let's look at the inputs in